For Team Vision, business is more than just providing quality solutions to our clients and making profits. We aspire for our children and future generation to be clear, confident and determined. We want them to get the best experiences and environment to grow up. Through Team Vision, we seek to transform this vision into reality by inculcating four important skills including leadership skills, team bonding skills, thinking-out-of-the-box skills and value-in-action skills in the students through our various programs. We offer holistic experiences that make positive differences to the children’s development, health and wellbeing. Team Vision efforts show best outcomes later in life because we strive harder to step up to the changing needs of the students.
TeamVision’s motto is beautifully depicted in its logo where V stands for Victory and the (.) dot stands for focused attention. We call it ‘The Winning Focus.’ Our adventure tours and camps help individuals develop the winning focus in their personality, career and lives. With a winning focus, no challenge can stop the pace of achievement of oneselves.

In this rapidly changing environment, the young generation needs burning passion and meaningful purpose to realize their potential and to support others. For this, they need to have well-developed leadership abilities, collaborative spirit, critical thinking skills, resilience and ethical values. Our Student Adventure Camps are a fun way to get students to gel with one another and at the same time to build these competencies in a sustainable way. Whether it is value-in-action projects in a developing economy or an action-packed outdoor adventure, we provide concrete activities which will develop and reinforce the necessary skills in students.

Our Adventure Camps Impart Knowledge by Employing

1. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies which includes Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self Management Relationship Management and Responsible Decision Making
2. Experiential learning which includes reflective observation and active experimentation.

This helps students to explore their own strengths while learning

If needed, Training Programmes can be specially customized according to the school values, motto or the specific needs of the schools.

Our training is based on the concept of learning the fun way. Children tend to absorb information faster and better when taught in an informal, fun and easy way.

Our modules are designed to be progressive and involves all participants to engage in all activities.