Our Accreditations for IPC Group of Companies

We pride ourselves on the professional nature of our services. Our list of accreditations is evident of our philosophy and commitment towards our clients. We strive to deliver the highest possible service standards always.acc-awards

Our Uniqueness

We consider students as a valuable asset of our community. That‘s why our top three concerns are Safety, Safety and Safety.
1. We have well-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) on safety measures for our trainers, facilitators and guides.
2. We have minimum hours of mandatory training that individuals have to undergo before qualifying as our expert trainers and facilitators.
3. We conduct reliable physiological and engagement screening tests as part of our hiring & selection process for trainers.


“We are different” Philosophy

At IPC, we take pride in what sets our adventure tours and camps apart from those of the competition 
Unique programs “the winning focus” philosophy
Commitment to a greater vision of nurturing the future of Singapore
Unleash the “out of box” thinking that generate not just “book smart but also street smart” students
Develop empathy in students as part of moral development
Foster self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills
Make our participants proud of the Singaporean National Identity